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The impacts of renewable energies in rural areas are a hot topic in Spain, where there is a certain polarization between positions. Through TANDEM it is intended to collect the different perspectives of the citizens and the social agents affected, as well as delve into the causes and possible solutions, by studying the development of wind power in the Anoia region, where the project of Viure de l’Aire del Cel is located. Viure de l’Aire del Cel is the first community wind turbine in Spain, and in the South of Europe, through which the aim is to extract lessons learned and policies recommendations.

While in the rest of Spain wind farms developed especially from 2018 onwards, in Catalonia there were many years in which no new wind turbines were built, except for the Viure de l’Aire del Cel, a citizen initiative of shared energy production. Currently, changes in the regulatory framework have led to a different situation, with numerous wind projects over the table that have aroused some rejection from the population.


Rural territories tend to concentrate major energy production while urban areas concentrate major energy consumption. This case study allows for the analysis of the new roles attributed in the energy transition and why they lead to a NIMBY approach. It also provides an opportunity to analyse and validate new production-consumption models. Through this case study, TANDEM will learn about the various implications and impacts of these projects on stakeholders: local communities (farmers, tourists, citizens), wind turbine promoters (private promoters, participants/investors), political parties, landowners. It will also develop and evaluate alternatives with affected inhabitants.


Here we will share:
– Our communication material for the local communication campaign;
– The barrier free graph interpretation of the panels for this case study;
– The conclusions of the panels and surveys for this case study.

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